Get to know us

With over 2000 members, LNP Women Queensland are contributing to the bigger coalition movement to improve the future for all Australians.

Our tag phrase ‘Towards 2025,’ aligns with the Australian Governments goal
to increase women in federal and state politics to 50% by 2025. The pathway is through the engagement and support of women in the community who are passionate about a career in politics. Increasing engagement and support for these women will help to elevate the numbers required to achieve balanced perspectives in Queensland and in Canberra.

Our Mission Statement is:

‘To engender excellence in political engagement to increase the participation of women to 50% by 2025 to better reflect the general population in order to achieve balanced policies.’

Our goals are to:

  • Increase participation to achieve office at all levels of state executive and government to 50% by 2025
  • Contribute to greater diversity by enhancing gender and racial equality that better reflects the general population
  • Focus on outcomes that contribute to contemporary relevance and balanced policy making

Our process is to:

 – Retain and build membership to enhance the number of women engaged in politics through communication and engagement

Ready – Provide a supportive and educational pathway to political office through workshops, seminars, events and professional practice

 – Raise candidate profiles in addition to raising funds for campaigns that assist women into political office

Represent – Speak for the women of our communities to ensure an equal voice in Queensland electorates and in Canberra