While members, elected officials and parliamentary representatives across the entire LNP organisation actively support the promotion of women based on merit the LNP also has a separate division known as LNP Women.

The primary object of the LNP Women is to support women’s political participation at all levels.

The functions of women’s branches and the division generally include:

    1. Encouraging more women to be politically active
    2. Encouraging more women to seek representation at all levels of government
    3. Ensuring our party effectively represents the issues of concern to women
    4. Supporting our party, our representatives and our members.


Our state organisation is broken up into regions under which branches may be created at any time with a minimum number of people. Regional office-bearers are elected at an annual conference of all members within that region and these representatives also have the responsibility to advocate for their region at higher levels within the party.

A state conference of LNP Women elects statewide office-bearers, who combined with the regional representatives, form a Women’s State Executive. Women’s state office-bearers and women’s regional representatives are members of the LNP State Council while the LNP Women’s President is also a member of the LNP State Executive.

All LNP Women members have the opportunity to be selected as a delegate to the LNP Women State Conference and to the LNP Annual State Convention. For further details of the LNP Women’s Structure please download our By-Laws here.

To become a member of the LNP Women you must first join the LNP, and you will receive all the benefits and opportunities of being an LNP member, as well as the above opportunities to participate and represent your colleagues.

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